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The Artist Guide To


The most comprehensive and practical guide to help you become an eco-friendly artist

By implementing the well thought out advice and using the recommended products laid out in this book, every visual artist – from complete beginner to seasoned professional – will be able to comprehensively reduce the environmental impact and health risks of their practice.

The Artist Guide To Eco-friendly Art is the best resource for any artist or art teacher who is looking for a handbook to help them in the transition from using traditional toxic art materials to healthy and environmentally conscious art materials.

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Kindle and Paperback

Perfect for artist’s looking for information about exactly where to find:

  • Non-toxic paint brands – including the world’s only high-quality, vegan, non-toxic and environmentally friendly acrylic paint brand.
  • Vegan art materials, including vegan brushes, vegan paint, vegan gesso, vegan size and more.
  • Eco-friendly artist canvas, including linen and hemp canvas.
  • Sustainable artist paper, including watercolor paper, pastel paper, sustainable recycled sketchbooks and art journals.

Every artist in the world needs this!

Ligia Oliveira

Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Rachel Melchers

This book is an excellent roadmap towards becoming and eco-friendly artist.

Lisa McLoughlin - Amazon customer

As an artist who considers herself an environmentalist but also an artist working in acrylic I appreciated this very much!

Victoria Klassen Art

I think I have subconsciously avoided looking into the environmental impact of making my own work as I have worried I would feel like a hypocrite, as I consider myself an environmentalist. But having you do the hard-work in making this book has opened my eyes. Thank you!

Mathers Art

I love your book! As a vegan artist also concerned about toxicity, it's a really good reference.

Marion Adams Artist

I am so happy to find this great reference for environmentally friendly art supplies.

K. Anderson - Amazon customer

Easy To Use Links

The Artist Guide to Eco-Friendly Art contains links to 100+ recommended products that have been heavily researched, tried and tested – so that you can get straight to creating.

Everything Is Covered

This guide breaks down the pros and cons of every material and tool that most visual artists use including paints and mediums, painting surfaces and tools and applicators.

Many Considerations For Each Product

Every aspect of a product’s life cycle is considered on how it affects the health of artists and the environment including production, by-product waste, principal use and disposal.

Artist Guide to Eco-friendly Art book for artists

Let’s Change The Art World Together

Socially Responsible Choices

This extremely handy guide has been developed out of the experiences, trial and error and several years of research by Australian artist Scott Denholm, who did all of the hard work sourcing the best materials from around the world so that you don’t have to.

Following these guidelines will help you minimise the environmental and health impacts of your arts practice. And by all of us doing our part and backing responsible brands, we all put pressure on the industry as a whole to be more ethical and socially responsible.

Artist Guide to Eco-friendly Art book author Scott Denholm artist

Author/Artist Scott Denholm

Leading By Example

Scott Denholm is an award-winning artist, art tutor, author and photographer. Having been painting since age 10, Scott’s unique art journey has led him to become both a successful artist in his own right and a tutor and mentor helping educate many others.

In addition, using the very materials recommended in this book, Scott has been creating his artwork completely environmentally-friendly for the past 10 years.